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You hold people accountable when you walk away from them and revoke them access to be able to disrespect you again. This is how people learn: by experiencing the consequences to their shitty actions, not by you sticking around, begging them to change. -Emma Zeck Im finally all moved in to my new apartment (I feel like I say this every year). Weve decided this is our last apartment until we officially buy a house. Honestly, we cant even decide what state/town that is going to be yet but maybe...

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Of Corset

Ive been wearing cute tops like this one from Femme Luxe with regular jeans or sweats. Its only the days where I dont feel like dressing completely down and want to be semi-cute, it somehow works. My best friend and I always use to find the cutest corset tops at thrift stores but now Im happy brands are bringing them back full force. They also have the cutest corset dresses . ...

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Pop, Lock & Drop It

Ive been trying to manifest as much as I can lately. I use to do it all the time when I first began blogging. I really do try and acknowledge all the hard work I put in to things. I think we need to give ourselves a little more credit than we do. My top and jeans are from FTF. Im OBSESSED with shirts that are open in the back, especially ones that tie. These are the perfect mom jeans because they look good on your buttcheeks but arent tight at the ankles and are a litttttle bit di...

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I never really do too much during fashion week but I actually popped up 2 or 3 times at events this past year. I did one cute day, and then one comfy day. This was clearly the comfy day. I use to get my hair and make up done for it but now I just end up doing it myself and call it a day. Thank you to my Lydia Hudgens for capturing this photo. !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),,element.src=,

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Monochrome Queen

Last year, deep teal was one of my favorite colors and I lowkey havent stopped loving it. Monochrome situations are always my go-to and have been for some time. My aunt gave me this gold vintage elephant belt when I first began blogging years ago. Believe it or not, walmart actually has a similar elephant belt to it, just less elephants. !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),,element.src=,

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Heavy Weight

Noopppee I did not cut my hair, this wig is just everything. This outfit is half Im in NY and half but were in Florida so the weather is technically just chilly. Im wearing Fenty Stunna Lip Paint in the color Uncensored. My oversized earrings remind me of that episode where Khloe said the bigger the hoop, the bigger the hoe and I still laugh at that. !function(w,i,d,g,e,t){d.getElementById(i)||(element=d.createElement(t),,element.src=

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Blue Bike Shorts

I found this tie dye turtleneck at a thrift store almost 6 years or so ago and I made it into a crop top just because I am who I am. I also got these corduroy-like biker shorts from the thrift store 2 years ago when I was living in Los Angeles. All I can say is Ive really missed all the great things you can find at a thrift store, and Im not talking about one of those hand me down stores that are already curated with nice things. I mean, actual Goodwill, Salvation Army, mom and pop thrift stor...

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