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White Ruched Dress

I truly cant believe its December already. Where has 2019 gone and how the hell is it almost 2020 How beautiful is this white midi dress I got it from Femme Luxe and they have it in SOOO many other colors which Im more than likely going to get now. As soon as December and January hit, Im forever wanting to wear all white. I think I may get the all black version of this dress and the nude. You can never really go wrong with staple colors. Also, can we discuss my apartment Junior and I...

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Sweater Dress Time

Worrying is using your imagination to create something you dont want. Im in Florida for a few weeks to see family. My sister had surgery so I drove down to be with her for a little bit. Every time Im here I always feel this new growth in me, where I want to be the best version of myself again. Being in Florida always reminds me of how hard I use to hustle when I first began blogging. Id go to college and work full time, then come home and work on my blog. My parents bought me these giant ...

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Nadia x FTF

ITS FINALLY HERE! My capsule collection with Fashion to Figure launches today and Im sitting here sweating while I type this. I mean, sweaty hands, sweaty underboobs, all of it. This collection consists of thigh-high boots for thicky thick legs, bad bitch accessories, and more. You know whats funny. I want to tell this story about me and FTF. In early 2012, when I first moved up North, I was living in NJ for a month until I landed an apartment in Harlem. FTF had a store inside a NJ mall a...

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On The Move

Ive been on the move this Fashion Week. Can you believe Ive left the house 2 days in a row, going on 3 Who am I even LOL. To be honest, this fashion week Ive toned down my looks some, keeping it more simple and easy to move around. It could be the weather and the heat thats been stopping me from pulling out less simple looks. My jeans are from Universal Standard. Im wearing a size 12. You can get the exact ones HERE ! I cut a little slit in the side of each leg just because. How cute is this ...

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Pink Mini Dress

I got this pink mini dress from Femme Luxe . A few posts back I wore the same dress in black. Am I the only one that when they find a piece of clothing they truly love, they purchase it in all the colors available On their site they also have this exact dress in white and red. Im on the verge of getting the red one too. ?? On a side note, NYFW is here so Im throwing this post up before things get hectic on my end. This Fashion Week I decided Im only going to 5- or 6 events. Im tired of...

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Burgundy Wrap Dress

The direction of your focus is the direction your life will move. Let yourself move toward what is good, valuable, strong and true. -Ralph Marston This week Ive been in full work mode and Im actually excited and inspired for the first time in a minute. I have a big photoshoot coming up this Wednesday and I cant wait until you guys see it on September 20th. Keep an eye out for it! On a side note, wrap dresses are always my go-to especially for the Summer. Theyre just so easy to wear, they l...

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Calling All The Shots

Rest in reason; move in passion. -- Khalil Gibran Ive noticed that when Im home and working on something or even just cleaning, I play The Office in the background playing. Something about the show makes my day better. I cant even tell you how many times Ive watched all the seasons. In my actual day to day talks, I use so many quotes from all of the characters. This is my little referee vibe I have going on lmao. !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) http : https;...

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